Asher Graphtech Nut for 6-String Lap Steel, Pre-Slotted 2 5/32" W x 3/16" Tall


Need a replacement nut for your Asher lap steel? Or a nut for your other brand 6-string lap steel? This nut is superior due to the high-tech TUSQ material it is made of, which produces 200% more harmonic resonance and up to 16% longer sustain than bone or other nuts.

The Asher Graphtech lap steel nut is also has a self lubricating design so your strings wont bind at the nut, ensuring strong tuning stability.

We are nuts for this nut!!


  • Upgrade/replacement for your 6-string Asher lap steel or other 6-string lap steel.
  • Pre-slotted 
  • Renowned TISQ material that is impregnated with super slick PTFE for enhanced tuning stability.
  • Dimensions: 2.176" - 2 5/32" wide X .20 - 3/16" tall



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