Guitar Player Magazine Review: Gear Test Asher Resosonic Rambler by Matt Blackett

November 24, 2015

 Well, it's never comfortable to have anything of yours scrutinized and gone over with a fine tooth and comb. In this case, the reward was worth the agony of being judged. Asher Guitars got a stellar review in the Holiday 2015 issue of Guitar Player Magazine. This one is plaque-worth to be sealed under protective resin and hung on the wall. I am super proud of the Rambler model, and by the words in the review, they were impressed too.

So to toot my own horn, here is an excerpt:

"This is one of the most eye-catching designs of all time....the Resosonic Rambler is an incredibly inspiring instrument to play.   Kudos: Beautiful design. Great range of tones. Super inspiring.  Concerns: None."

Certified Bad Ass!!!


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